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We repair your iPhone without damaging it!


It is 2min walk from Miyakodoridentei. SMAPPLE Kagoshima branch is very accessible.


Today we had a broken iPhone7. The screen was broken.

iPhone7 black is criticized for its fragile body.

In this time, it has almost no scratches.


Considering he uses it gently, I feel sorry that the screen had cracks.

We SMAPPLE Kagoshima branch can handle it!

You can drop in and leave your phone for 15min to 30min, then you will get your phone back.
Please make an appointment during busy hours.

iPhone7 is a bit complicated like a home button.

Changing panels takes one day, generally said.
But we can do it within 30min.

After repair the touch sensor worked well and the customer was very satisfied.


If you have iPhone7Plus repaired at Apple official shop, it costs about 40,000yen.

But we charge only 17,712yen inc. tax to change liquid crystal panels.
As of 23 Nov. 2017


In addition, they delete all data at an official shop.

We don’t delete them and return your phone with the same settings!


I don’t know how to back up the data…

I don’t want to wait for several days…

We are here for these people. We repair it on the same day.


People on a trip in Japan.

Foreign students in Japan.

People who don’t understand Japanese and are afraid to have it repaired.


We gave an English price list at SMAPPLE Kagoshima branch.

We repair only specific parts for short period of time!


We don’t really speak English but we repair your phone with all our efforts!

If you are worried about iPhone, please come and visit SMAPPLE Kagoshima branch.


We repair iPhone in Kagoshima city.

We can repair iPhone which is broken during the trip for 15 to 60 minutes.
We deal with Glass Replacement, LCD Replacement,and Water Damage Repair and return your device on the same day.
Please call us.

SMAPPLE Kagoshima

22-16 Chuocho, Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima

TEL (+81)099-230-0404

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いいね ! しよう


◆iPhone7 料金表(作業工賃込み)
修理時間 修理金額
ガラス割れ交換 30分 6,300円
液晶交換 30分 9,600円
電源ボタン交換 30分 8,900円
ホームボタン交換 30分 10,900円
カメラ交換 30分 7,800円
ドックコネクタ交換 30分 7,600円
スピーカー交換 30分 6,800円
水没復旧 30分 3,500〜5,000円
バッテリー交換 30分 6,700円



店舗名 スマップル 鹿児島店
営業時間 10:00〜20:00
TEL 099-230-0404
住所 〒890-0053
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